Jocund Jakarta

We sped into the heart of Jakarta with minimal fuss (in a Bluebird taxi). There were no indications that sprawling traffic jams ever existed. Or could ever have existed. Why, the carriageways were generously wide and numerous and lined with lush greenery. Notorious traffic jams in Jakarta? Truth […]


Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012. How did we do it? We ran. The usual program would be, meet at Macritchie, run to so-and-so’s house, reach there before  midnight. Countdown and feast. A great/interesting/different way to end the year and begin another. Ok, ‘great/interesting/different’ is subjective. 31 Dec 2011. Each […]

Para Para Japan

Preface We started going to Japan because of the Tokyo Marathon. And we kept going for the Tokyo Marathon because of the onsens (onsens felt especially good to fatigued bodies). And then, what started in 2009 became a yearly outing for the rose running club. In 2011, we […]