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Not First World Yet I almost feel guilty for liking this song. On 7 July, 715pm, a power trip caused the entirety of both the North-South line and East-West line (nsew) to shut-down, leaving an estimated 250,000 commuters stranded at stations. I was lucky. I was out of […]

Yolo And The Theme Park Brigade

I learned a new word this week. 2 years late. Hmm. Make it x-years late. YOLO. It popped up the other day when a trio of us were sharing notes about the ill-effects of ageing (are there positive effects associated with ageing?). Someone quipped, life’s short, YOLO. At […]

How to become a Ninja

Some years ago, I took Japanese lessons and had progressed to a level that was way beyond my actual competence. For one of the lessons, we needed to draft and give a presentation. We had 1 week to prepare and could choose any topics we fancy. The popular […]