Hoodoo, the Voodoo

The nut is a girl and girls are clueless about bicycle parts (most girls anyway).

Just like boys are clueless about shoes and which shoes to pair with which set of clothes or occasion (most boys anyway – unless the boy is a gay boy). Shoes are shoes are shoes. What matters are they fit comfortably and won’t break up and breakdown along the way.

Hoodoo was extremely worried when the time came for the nut to choose the parts and accessories for her body. Everyone knew that the nut knew nuts about bicycles or bicycle parts.

The nut’s friend, MSL, told her: when you’re confident enough you change to cleats ok?
The nut scratched her head – what are cleats????
MSL said it’s this contraption that attach your shoes to the pedal lor.
Contraption i mean. You will get used to it.
The nut pursed her lips. Ermmm ….

Now, MSL (short for Miss Sri Lanka) is an expert cyclist. She obliterates most people’s views because she is a 1.75m tall ex-beauty queen and is not an air-head at all, a rare quality in beauty queens. She is also extremely knowledgeable about bicycles – all parts of bicycles.
An even rarer quality.
Hoodoo wished wholeheartedly that MSL was her boss instead of the nut.

The nut decided not to go for the cleats.
What a start thought Hoodoo. Some cheapo amateur pedals instead of sleek, pro-looking cleats?!?!

To the nut, a bike is a bike and as long as the parts work and dun breakdown at inconvenient times it is good enough for her. Mavic, Ritchey, Spike. Shimano, Chromo, Alloy – what does she know of those????

Luckily for Hoodoo the nut brought along many expert advisors besides MSL. At least they helped the nut choose pretty decent accessories so that Hoodoo didn’t have to go home looking shabby.

But she still wished she got the cleats instead.

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