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Pandan Chiffon Cake Revisited

Scratch those chiffon cake advice in my earlier blogs. I have been making chiffon cakes wrong all these while. Here’s why.   Chiffon cake is made of 2 parts: the batter which gives it body, texture and flavour and the meringue which provides structure and makes it rise. […]

Earl Grey Butter Cake

Butter cakes are my comfort food and the Earl Grey version has become a firm favourite with both family and friends. Here’s a tried-and-tested recipe, adapted from The Mini Chef. Ingredients 230g unsalted butter 160g caster sugar 160g cake flour 50g heavy cream (bring to room temperature)15g full […]

Simple Milk Bread Recipe

Having experimented with various milk bread recipes, I’ve settled on a favourite one. It is fuss-free, wonderful when eaten on its own and can be used as a base to pair with my favourite fillings. Here’s the recipe, adapted from The Flavour Bender’s Japanese Milk Bread Recipe. The […]

Ways to Screw Up Making Croissants

Before I wrote Making Croissants in the Tropics, I had made many many croissants. Have no doubt that my insights were standing on a mountain of duds I’ve inadvertently baked along the way. How ‘well’ did this novice screw up? Let me count the ways. #1 – Hard […]

The Easiest Butter Cookie Recipe

This is the easiest, tastiest butter cookie recipe I have come across. It is simple to make, fail-proof and super delicious. So good I have to write this down for future reference. Ingredients Makes 40 -45 cookies or 2 trays. 125g butter (softened ie indented when pressed but […]