Happy Bintan-Kelong Trip (3)

When Bellies Are Full, So Are Spirits

The friends got ready to leave the kelong at 2pm. Because they had taken 4 hours the previous day to cover the distance, they decided they should start early so that they wont miss the boat. (Which would be the last boat out of Bintan).

Again, the truck tailed them. And on it, their most ardent supporter sat.

they cycled and cycled. up and down the slopes they went. big ones. small ones. quiet ones. busy ones. sometimes in pairs. sometimes alone.

The slopes were so steep going down, they clocked more than 50km/hr on some stretches. It was very challenging because they had to navigate the pot-holes, steer clear from speeding motorcycles and heavy vehicles carrying sand, or climb behind a spluttering motorcycle ferrying a giant fridge on its back and blowing black smoke into their faces.

After the slopes, it was a leisurely ride into town. heavy heavy traffic, but they were happy.

Very soon, they reached the turn-off near paradise hotel. They were ahead of schedule. Here, they dismounted and pushed the bicycles to the lane leading to the pasar malam.

And viola! A food paradise was waiting.

Happy were the cyclists. They ate. And ate. And ate somemore.

And so, the trip ended on a high note. They didn’t miss the ferry and everyone went home with wonderful memories and big, rounded bellies.

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