Month: January 2022

Okukinu Onsen

A Change of Pace One day we were still cavorting in the snow at Tateyama; the next morning we were hurtling our way towards Demon land, also known as Okukinu Onsen 奥鬼怒温泉, an area with hidden hot springs. The Journey to Demon land wasn’t straightforward. We started from […]

Earl Grey Butter Cake

Butter cakes are my comfort food and the Earl Grey version has become a firm favourite with both family and friends. Here’s a tried-and-tested recipe, adapted from The Mini Chef. Ingredients 230g unsalted butter 160g caster sugar 160g cake flour 50g heavy cream (bring to room temperature)15g full […]

Simple Milk Bread Recipe

Having experimented with various milk bread recipes, I’ve settled on a favourite one. It is fuss-free, wonderful when eaten on its own and can be used as a base to pair with my favourite fillings. Here’s the recipe, adapted from The Flavour Bender’s Japanese Milk Bread Recipe. The […]

Nishiyama – The Third Onsen

Minobu Station 身延駅 was deserted – not a single soul in sight except us who came here to meet the ryokan bus. Our big boss told us we would be going to a secret onsen. We were 100% anticipation but 0% expectation. The shops were open though, giving […]