5 yen

recently, i picked up this charming anime known as ‘noragami’ (nora=>stray; gami=>god). it was released early last year but somehow my animedar missed it then.

the story follows the exploits of down-and-out (stray) god yato, who’s trying to amass enough worshippers (more worshippers = more money) to fulfil his dream of building his own shrine. meanwhile, he bums around, tries hard to get jobs and being shrine-less (homeless), squats at others’ shrines at night.

the gods get an update too

the gods get an update too – adapting to modern times is a breeze

however, finding work is tough. and each job gets paid only 5 yen. (somehow, they forgot to account for inflation). and poor yato couldn’t fill his sake bottle with enough 5 yens coins yet.

here’s some interesting titbits on the 5 yen coin.

my treasure~

only 3/4 full

5 yen is a small price to pay to have a god grant you a wish. but why 5 yen?

ご縁がありますように – that’s what japanese say when they pray. it means “I hope to get relations with good people and gods”.

ごえん が、ありますように (go en ga arimasu you ni) and

ご縁 = ごえん = 五円 (sounds like 5 yen).

in today’s term, 5 yen will be equivalent to 100,000 yen (almost usd 840).

really, yato should review his charges.

vision, illusion or xxx

yato’s pipe dream: vision, illusion or delusion? 

in these days, even the gods are not spared income disparity.

poor god, rich god

poor god, rich god (tenjin, the go-to god for good exam results) 

word’s out that season 2 is on the way. i’m looking forward to it.


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