Happy Bintan-Kelong Trip (2)

All You Need Are … Friends and Food

Nothing can stoke one’s appetite as well as a bunch of ravenous friends on a mission. 

The friends reached the kelong at the very late hour of 3pm, Bintan time. there, lunch was waiting. They were so happy and relieved; they ditched the bicycles and tucked in with gusto, immediately.

3 hours later, they were back at the kelong restaurant for dinner …

There was a birthday bash too!

After cakes, it was durian time!

The next morning’s breakfast was fried beehoon and fried mee and fried eggs and pulau hitam. Too tame by the friends’ standards. Thus, right after breakfast, they decided to head to a little shop about 1 km away to continue breakfast-part 2. There, chendol, coconuts, nasi lemak, otah awaited. 

What They Did When They Were Not Eating ….

The kelong was a pretty place to chill and do nothing. When the tides were low, the locals would wade in to dig for mollusks for food or sale. Or you may find a starfish. Or watch sunset and sunrise from the beach chair outside the room. Or visit another kelong nearby.

There were many things you could do, if you would use your imagination. for example you could jog.

Or explore the seabed. you might find interesting stuff

We also went for a walk.

And visited other people’s kelong 

The kiddos had fun too

After these, we took a group picture and headed back to our kelong.

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