The Alpine Route – Part 2

Sunrise and Goodbye – Snowy Wonderland

before sunrise

before sunrise

New! We signed up for the sunrise tour @ 2000 yen per pax. the staff told us they would phone us at 405am in the morning to let us know if the weather was good enough. If it wasn’t the tour would be cancelled.

We were in luck. The weather couldn’t be better. So, at 0415hrs, we trooped down obediently to the lobby then made our way to the station and got up the trolley bus. I think the bus brought us back to Daikanbo. We climbed up a viewing platform and waited quietly for the sunrise.

rising, rising

Rising, rising almost there


The dawn light casting a pink hue on the waiting crowd 

It was an ok sunrise. I’m not a fan of sunrises but I didn’t mind going. I wouldn’t have minded not going too. But then if we had not gotten up for this one, we might have missed the next one which in my view was the best one and the reason why staying at Tateyama Hotel was worth every yen.

When we got back to the hotel, more beautiful sights were awaiting us. And it was free.

It was the same place we were tramping around the day before, but oh, what a difference a day made. The sun, the blue skies, changed the entire countenance of the place.

Here are some snapshots.

photographer getting ready

Photographer getting ready for morning shoot

cloud streams

First light

sunlight on snow

Beautiful warm light


That’s Tateyama Hotel – on the right

more clouds

More clouds

more hotsprings

A nearby hotspring

The morning light cast a really beautiful spell over the snow.

bigger snow mountain

Snow peak – closer-up

light and shadow

Light and shadow

golden light


early morning trekker

Early morning trekkers

hotel tateyama

Posing in front of Hotel Tateyama

view from the dining room window

View from the dining room window

After breakfast, we were on the first bus out, first to Midagahara then to Bijodaira, where we would transfer to the cable car to Tateyama station. Along the way, we passed by never ending snow wall and saw more beautiful snowscapes.

on the road

On the road

on the way

What i saw from the bus -beautifully rendered snowscape

bus and snow wall

Bus hidden by snow wall

snow wall

A section of the snow wall

on the way

Rounding the bend, we saw beautiful landscape

buried by snow

Another hotel – hut buried under snow

car park

View from car park


Cable car to tateyama station

Finally we couldn’t see the snow anymore. It’s like leaving Alice’s wonderland, only it was a blue and white one.  I knew I’d miss the place.

When we got to Tateyama station, it was already bursting with day trippers.  Very relieved we were on our way and could escape the crowd.

Next stop: Gokayama

Visited 24-25 April 2013

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  1. Ok some of those snow piles by the road look carved by a snowplow. So organized. So unlike the Canadian Rocky Mountains where we have large wildlife (bears, caribou, etc.), lots of deep forests (to get lost) and tons of snow with some avalanche areas.

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