A Cheesecake Chortler

1 year ago, inspired by the blue moon, I decided to make Japanese chiffon cheesecake. I made many. And the results were all the same.

How it looked like after the cake rose and sank
Perhaps it resembled New York cheesecake
It was all dense. Not a single trace of ‘chiffon-ness’.

I gave up. Or rather, my family suggested that I gave up. There’s a limit to how much failed cheesecake they could stomach.

1 year later …

Last month, while searching for a fried Beehoon recipe, an innocuous tap landed me on this popular cheesecake recipe post by bing.  It had very detailed instructions and photos; enough to give this failed baker sufficient confidence to attempt to bake it again.  3 disastrous turns took place before  a moderately successful outing was had with the 4th.

First Disaster

Mistake: mixing the ingredients without melting them over double-boiler first (since ingredients were de-frosted at room temperature, I thought I could skip that).

After mixing, the batter became beady

At this point, I got a bit stupefied and panicked. Kept poring over bing’s photos. Over and over. Was it supposed to look like this? In the end, I had no choice but to stick it into the oven.

The cake didn’t rise much
It was wet and I didn’t know why

The cake got baked but looked crumbly and moistly.

Second Disaster

Mistake: did not fold whites into batter properly and oven was too hot.

I thought I could get it right this time. Somehow, success still eluded me.

Batter was the right colour and consistency. Whites wasn’t folded in well though.
Cake came out with mushroom top. evidence of sinking.

The cake seemed a bit raw still.

Top part was fluffy, bottom part was dense.

Third Disaster

Mistake 1: took too long to melt the ingredients (did not defrost ingredients long enough) and did not cool mixture with ice before folding.

Mistake 2: did not grease the sides of pan

This one was a rush job. So I had it coming. When I peeped into the oven, this was the horror that i saw.

Going to shoot through the oven roof!

When they rose too fast, you can be sure they’d collapse royally.

After baked, it became ‘the three kingdoms’

Since I used a non-stick pan, I thought I would try once without greasing the pan. Then I almost tore it apart even more.

Because I didn’t grease the sides of the pan

The cheese sank resoundingly, to the bottom. It was worse than before because the heat rose too quick.

It was poorly folded & both the batter & oven were too hot

Fourth Try: Moderate Success

Learning from the mistakes above, firstly, had the ingredients as near to room temperature as possible, especially the butter. Melted them over double-boiler, and then cooled the mixture over a tray of water with ice. Also tried to fold in the whites as well as I could but bowl didn’t have a flat base so this was compromised. Best to use flat-base bowls for folding. Finally, lowered the oven temperature.

Surprisingly, the cake rose evenly and stayed. It looked good from the outside, but the inside was another story.

How it looked in the oven. evenly browned, flat top
Nice finish, surprise!
There was some sinking at the base though
Room for improvement
Cut into smaller pieces, to muffle the imperfections

I’m going to take a break from cheesecake baking after this. On to a new challenge!

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