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hokkaido/july 2014 – part 2: the flower farms

bibaushi, biei, furano  i was quite confident all train stations in japan, no matter how isolated or remote, would be civilised ie nice train platforms, modern toilets, huge station signs announcing the station name etc. i mean, i’ve visited a good number of train stations in the country and i’d never […]

Hokkaido/July 2014 – Preamble

A not-so-perfect plan  Last July, we packed the whole family to Hokkaido. Because the venerable ones decreed that if we were heading to Japan, then to Hokkaido, they must go. Since the planner was given a free rein, and in spite of a few, not-so-minor constraints (no driving, […]

jpn 052013 chapter 10: tokyo drift

when in tokyo, do as other tourists do …  tokyo is so big and there are so many things to see and do, it is impossible to cover them all in a few days. inevitably, we all gravitate to the same hotspots ie ginza, roppongi hills, akihabara, harajuku, asakusa […]