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The Hidden Villages

Into the Mountains, In Search of the Hidden Villages  They are not so hidden now, being conferred UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 1995. But many hundred years ago, deep in these mountains, the residents of Shirakawa, Suganuma and Ainokura led very carefree lives. They built their Gassho […]

Road of The Samurai

First Trek!  Making the Acquaintance of an Old World Road  I have the sakuras to thank for this.  Because they bloomed much earlier (3 weeks early) than anticipated, Takato castle 高遠城 had to be dropped from the plan. So what then? What could I fill that empty day with? […]

The Alpine Route – Part 2

Sunrise and Goodbye – Snowy Wonderland New! We signed up for the sunrise tour @ 2000 yen per pax. the staff told us they would phone us at 405am in the morning to let us know if the weather was good enough. If it wasn’t the tour would […]